JCANA Code of Ethics

The Jewish Cemetery Association of North America (JCANA) has adopted a Code of Ethics as a guide for its members. We are strongly encouraging this as a statement of quality and commitment to excellent cemetery management.

The 12-point Code of Ethics (below) includes commitments to ethical business and regulatory standards as well as adherence to Jewish standards, traditions and mitzvoth. It also includes pledges for cemetery preservation and education.

JCANA Member Code of Ethics

  • To perform acts of loving kindness for the deceased, Chesed Shel Emet.JCANA

  • To abide by Jewish burial practices and customs.
  • To provide consolation for family members and loved ones.
  • To sustain community awareness relating to Jewish end of life issues.
  • To adhere to ethical business standards of behavior.
  • To provide for burial sites at no charge to members of the Jewish community in financial need.
  • To ensure accurate burial records at all times.
  • To maintain dignified burial ground conditions.
  • To provide for cemetery preservation and continuity in perpetuity.
  • To manage the financial affairs of the cemetery with integrity and fiduciary trust.
  • To cultivate endowment funds consistent with long-term funding needs of cemetery continuity.
  • To adhere to governmental legislation and regulation