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How to Become a JCANA Member

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As leaders in the Jewish cemetery community, we invite you to join our ranks for the identification, preservation and continuity of Jewish cemeteries. Membership is based on burial structure.

Membership Dues (based on burials per year)

  •  0-50 burials per year – $100
  •  51-100 burials per year – $250
  •  101-200 burials per year – $350
  •  over 200 burials per year – $450

Annual Membership Benefits

  • Annual Memberships will help sustain JCANA as the voice for Jewish cemetery preservation in North America.
  • Web bulletins advising members on all aspects of Jewish cemetery management.
  • Professionally-run webinars.
  • Demographic trends impacting on Jewish cemetery continuity.
  • Jewish customs as they relate to Reform, Conservative and Orthodox practice.
  • Broadcast issues of concern that may impact the well being of Jewish cemeteries in North America.
  • Monitor, record and document hate crimes perpetrated against Jewish cemeteries.
  • Advocate for Jewish cemeteries who may be facing financial or succession difficulties.
  • Be a genealogical resource for Jewish cemetery information throughout North America.
  • Get access to a members-only forum.
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