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Welcome to JCANA

  • The Jewish Cemetery Association of North America (JCANA) believes deeply in the continuity of Jewish values. Our members are devoted to the preservation, sanctity, and continuity of Jewish cemeteries.

  • JCANA is organized for charitable, educational and religious purposes to preserve Jewish cemetery continuity by assembling, organizing and disseminating information relative to the Jewish cemeteries of North America. We also sustain community awareness relating to end of life issues and traditional Jewish burial practices.

  • We advocate for Federal legislation to protect Jewish cemetery rights while contesting any legislative act that would infringe on our religious freedom. (e.g. JCANA was called on to participate in a national coalition of religious groups against HR 3655 introduced by Representative Bobby Rush of Chicago. At its core this legislation going unchecked would pierce the separation of Church and State and would impact how religious cemeteries would operate. JCANA, in conjunction with Catholic cemeteries, was involved in conference calls to provide a unified front opposing this bill. To date JCANA was instrumental in getting the Conservative Rabbinic Assembly to sign on in opposition and to provide a clear and definable national voice. We are nationally recognized and will continue to be called upon for issues that pertain to the operation of religious cemeteries.)

  • We provide newsletters to our members offering timely advice on all aspects of Jewish cemetery management. (e.g. Jewish ethics and religious practices, operating guidelines for non-profit cemetery corporations, historic preservation and community outreach programs, endowment fund investments/best practices, accounting methods for regulatory review, cemetery security initiatives, maintenance and care issues, and matters concerning State and Federal regulations.)

  • JCANA champions a 12-point Code of Ethics for its members. While adopting the Code of Ethics is not a precondition for membership, we strongly encourage these standards be affirmed to enhance member prestige with prospective families in local markets. The public is invited to view the JCANA Code of Ethics.

  • The time has come to safeguard our sacred burial grounds, prevent future abandonment and serve as a clearinghouse for the perpetuity of Jewish burial practices in accordance with Jewish law and custom. When we pay tribute to those who came before us, we dignify the meaning of our lives too. They a part of us, we a part of them and so the covenant passes from generation to generation, L’dor vador.

Our Executive Board

To email any of our Executive Board officers, click on their name.

Jamie H. Cotel, Jewish Cemetery Association of Massachusetts (Newton, MA)
Lisa K. Vaeth, Association of Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Hartford (Hartford, CT)

William Draimin z"l, Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks (Toronto, ON)

Howard Mammon, Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks (Toronto, ON)

Sherri Quint, Temple Beth El Memorial Park (Portland, ME)

Assistant Treasurer:
Ralph Zuckman, Clover Hill Park Cemetery (Birmingham, MI)

Board Member Emeritus:
Stanley Kaplan

Our Directors:

William Finkelstein, United Jewish Cemeteries (Dallas, TX)

David Harris, Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati (Cincinnati, OH)

Howard Jampolsky, Congregation Schara Tzedeck (Vancouver, BC)

Amy Koplow, Hebrew Free Burial Association (New York, NY)